Clubs and Activities

MCI offers a wide range of activities to students. Our students are required to participate in a club, activity, or sport during the academic school year, and it is common for students to be involved in multiple activities.

Please review the list of clubs and activities that we offer students; if you do not see a favorite activity in the list below, we encourage you to create a club or activity for the entire campus to enjoy.

Contact Director of Clubs and Activities Scott Giallombardo '00 at (207) 487-3355 (email: sgiallombardo@callecat.com) for more information about how to join an MCI club or how to start one of your own.

En Garde


"I love to fence! There is such a tradition, such a culture about fencing that it is important to pass this skill on to the next generation. Fencing has brought me great joy and a wonderful sense of pride of accomplishment over my fifty year career - I love to pass that along to those who "hear the song of the steel."

- mr. grover, fencing club advisor

High Flying!

Pilot in Training

Flight Simluator

"it was very fun to travel to umaine augusta to use their flight simulator today! i was surprised by how advanced it was."

- Randall Starbird '21

Ski Trip!

Fun with Friends

Skiing and boarding

"For a small cost, the facilities were so good! For example, there were several different courses/trails and even places to jump. Furthermore, it is not that far away from MCI. I really enjoyed snowboarding!"

hg0088手机网址 Min Kim '20

Husky Howl

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Masardis Coffee House

Masardis Guitar PLayer
Masardis Coffeehouse

Student Voices
"I like how students can be themselves when they perform, and always get a positive reaction." 

"I have an awesome time at coffeehouses! It is nice to catch up with friends and watch the talented performers. I love the outstanding support that everyone gets there."

"Even if you don't want to perform, you can sit back and enjoy friends' company, or play games in the room next door! I will definitely go to the next one. I had a smile on my face the whole time!"

Ice Skating

Kids at ice skating rink

Student Voices
"Skating was such a fun activity! I really enjoyed skating with my friends."
"It was so much fun! I would definitely go again!"

"It was my favorite trip! The only thing that would have made it better, was to have more time skating!" 

Aquaponic Club Fish Release

Fish in Aquaponic System
Aquaponic System fish tank

Student Voices
"Aquaponics interests me because it is such an efficient and fun way of growing food. I look forward to being able to use this method in my future!"

Outdoor Adventure Club

Outdoor Adventure Club Fall Hike
Outdoor Adventure Club Biking

Student Voices
"We learn new skills like canoeing and biking, and we have opportunities to visit the beautiful and natural environment of Maine."

"I love participating in the Outdoor Adventure Club because I not only experience the joy of being in nature and exploring Maine's natural beauty, but I am also able to do it with others who are equally excited!"

"I've always enjoyed the outdoors and when I found the Outdoor Adventure Club during my freshmen year, I knew it was the club for me. Throughout my four years with the club, I've enjoyed meeting new people, going to new places, and hiking mountains that I had never even heard of. I wouldn't change a thing about the experiences I've had!"